Champions of Diversity

We are the home of exceptional creative and entrepreneurial talent from all backgrounds, regardless of gender, socio-economic background, age, sexuality, religion or disability. Our rich mix is what makes us great.

Argonon is committed to making responsible decisions that have a positive impact on the environment.

We continue to and will actively put measures in place throughout the company to reduce the environmental impact across the company’s activities, business choices, future strategy and most importantly, how we approach productions.

With a long history of finding and nurturing diverse talent on and off screen, Argonon continues to deepen our commitment to fostering diversity throughout the group and leading by example amongst media groups. Argonon has been committed to the Creative Diversity Network’s Diversity Pledge since 2009.

Female / Male Representation, UK & US

National Statistics: 51% Female / 49% Male

LGBT UK only

National Statistics: 1.5% LGBT

Disability UK & US

National Statistics: 19% Disabled