Factual Entertainment Shows

Last Chance Garage

Rose Rock

Tony D’Antonio leads a team of incredibly skilled mechanics who undo the mistakes of other garages by reviving the cars and dreams of their...

Tony Robinson’s Marvellous Machines

Like A Shot

Sir Tony Robinson travels the world to explore the most unusual and innovative machines and vehicles in this series packed with exciting stu...

The Billionaires Who Made Our World

BriteSpark Films

Bill Gates. Jeff Bezos. Mark Zuckerberg. In this documentary series three titans of the modern age go under the microscope to reveal their s...

Train Truckers

Windfall Films

Train Truckers follows an elite crew of heavy-haulage specialists as they race to haul the heaviest, longest and most precious locomotives a...

World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys

BriteSpark Films

Bill Nighy narrates this visually-stunning documentary series, telling the stories of epic train journeys through the characters who travel,...

New York Super Airport

Windfall Films

This series charts the exclusive inside story of the 8-billion-dollar race to build America’s first major new airport in 25 years. 30 millio...

My Floating Home

Windfall Films

Traditional waterfront properties are hard to come by and expensive. So families who have dreamed for decades of waking up to an un-spoilt r...

The Great Mountain Sheep Gather

Windfall Films

Scafell Pike is England’s tallest mountain and home to a flock of native Herdwick sheep. Every summer, their shepherd must gather these noto...

House Hunters International (HGTV)

Leopard USA

House Hunters International globe trots with home buyers and real estate professionals from Sao Paolo to Hong Kong. Check out all sorts of a...

Mormon Love

Leopard USA

Mormon Love is a docu-series following Mormon Teens as they navigate finding themselves while dating for marriage within Utah's LDS communit...

Naked Beach

In a ground-breaking format, three ‘Guests’ with critically low body image jet off to a sunny luxury retreat. They are greeted by a group of...

Keeping up with the Joneses

Leopard Films

Competitive garage-sale-holding. Yes, really. Two sets of neighbours hold rival sales, and the one that makes the least amount of money has...

Natural Born Dealers

Leopard Films

Father-and-son team Jerry and Jeremiah Pasternak deal in commodities ... other people's junk. They scour dusty antique fairs, old storage ba...

Big Beach Builds

Leopard USA

Contractor Marnie Oursler is giving outdated beach homes a new lease on life. From gorgeous new decks to beach glass-inspired kitchens, she...

Disaster Guy

Leopard USA

Steve Frasher is the ultimate general contractor – a “guy’s guy” who specializes in the unpredictably exhilarating area of disaster repair,...

Banged Up: Teens Behind Bars

BriteSpark Films

Eight British teen tearaways are incarcerated in one of America's toughest jails in a bid to divert them from a life of crime.

Fearless Mr Fox

Windfall Films

1 x 60' The fox: portrayed as a sly and cunning character in stories and mythology across the globe. In reality, the fox is one of the most...

Jonathan Phang’s Gourmet Trains

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2013 Series 2: 6x60 | HD | 2015 Jonathan Phang is on an adventure of a lifetime, as he travels on some of the world's...

Great Northern Cookbook

Series 1: 4x60 | HD | 2013 Channel 5/Food Network If you think food in the North is just pies... think again! In a mouthwatering new four-pa...

Granny Ink

Series 1: 1x60 | HD | 2016 Channel 5 With a shocking rise in OAPs going under the needle, whether it’s to complete a full body tattoo suit o...

Fired by Mum & Dad

Remedy Productions

Available as a Format (8 x 60' MTV, UK) Parents go undercover to discover the real reason why their unemployable kids keep losing their jobs...

Danger: Diggers At Work

In this series … we’ll be following these heavy metal machines and the men and women who drive them … Welcome to the world of big diggers.

A Very British Brothel

A Very British Brothel reveals the day-to-day workings of the only parlour in the street run by a mother and daughter duo.

Botched Up Bodies

Follows some of Britain's top plastic surgeons, who correct cosmetic surgery disasters.

Railroad Alaska

Windfall Films

Railroad Alaska follows an elite crew of workers - brakemen, engineers and drivers - as they battle ferocious weather and treacherous terrai...

Beyond Magic With DMC

Windfall Films

What the eyes perceive the mind believes – master of illusion DMC (Drummond Money-Coutts) is on an international journey to explore the thri...

Big Kitchens

Windfall Films

Big Kitchens explores the mindboggling logistics, colossal cuisine and extraordinary characters behind the world’s biggest, most extreme kit...

Easter Eggs Live

Windfall Films

A live interactive event for Channel 4. The wonderful world of eggs revealed.

Strip the City

Windfall Films

14 x 60' (2 seasons) CGI reveals how the Earth's geology shapes our cities. Strip the City uses stunning CGI animation and expedition-driven...

Animal Superpowers

Windfall Films

3 x 60' Patrick Stewart investigates the incredible superpowers of nature’s deadliest animals.

Big Bigger Biggest

Windfall Films

6x50' for Nat Geo Big, Bigger, Biggest is back - and it's bigger than ever. 6 episodes revealing the key inventions that allowed structures...

Missing Live

Leopard Films

Missing Live is Leopard's flagship interactive series on BBC1. The series has been inundated with calls from the public offering help to fin...

The Day the Immigrants Left

Leopard Films

A 60' film for BBC1. What happens when you deprive a British town of its foreign work-force? Hosted by Evan Davies The Day The Immigrants Le...

Cash in the Attic

Leopard Films

The show that helps you find hidden treasures in your home, and then sells them for you at auction.

The Tourist Trap

Windfall Films

6 x 30' The prototype of all Reality Shows as we know them today.

Reality on the Rocks

Windfall Films

3 x 50' Ken Campbell's oddysey to the heart of ultimate meaning in the universe.