Wildlife Shows

Attenborough and the Mammoth Graveyard

Windfall Films

In 2017, in a gravel quarry near Swindon, two amateur fossil hunters found an extraordinary collection of Ice Age mammoth remains and a ston...

The Great Mountain Sheep Gather

Windfall Films

Scafell Pike is England’s tallest mountain and home to a flock of native Herdwick sheep. Every summer, their shepherd must gather these noto...


Windfall Films

In a unique experiment 21st century men are challenged to re-live one of the greatest feats of maritime adventure and endurance in naval his...

Mountain Vets

Welcome to the ancient Kingdom of Mourne, where animals outnumber people ten to one and no two days are the same for the busy mountain vets.


Leopard Films

In this powerful documentary we tell extraordinary and very different stories of people trapped in the snow.

Wonder of Dogs

Windfall Films

3 x 60' No other land mammal displays such dazzling diversity as man’s best friend. It’s hard to believe that a Great Dane and a Chihuahua b...

Spider House

Windfall Films

1 x 89' Ever wondered what spiders really get up to in your home? In this documentary special Alice Roberts overcomes her arachnophobia to e...

The Secret Life of Baby Owls

Windfall Films

2 x 60' Owls - with their huge eyes, flat faces and distinctive hoot – they are truly iconic! creatures. But how much do we really know abou...

Fearless Mr Fox

Windfall Films

1 x 60' The fox: portrayed as a sly and cunning character in stories and mythology across the globe. In reality, the fox is one of the most...

Born In The Wild

Windfall Films

4 x 60' Presented by anatomist Prof Joy Reidenberg and vet Mark Evans, Born In The Wild explores the reproductive behaviours and biology of...

Mythical Beasts

Windfall Films

Series 1: 10x60 | HD | 2018 For thousands of years, civilizations have believed in mythical beasts – Dragons, Cyclops, Giants, Vampires and...

Natural World: The Bat Man of Mexico

Windfall Films

Natural World. Rodrigo 'The Bat Man of Mexico', has been saving the amazing bats of his homeland since childhood, when he kept vampires in h...

Easter Eggs Live

Windfall Films

A live interactive event for Channel 4. The wonderful world of eggs revealed.

Operation Maneater

Windfall Films

Veterinarian Mark Evans uses technology to tackle three deadly predators: the great white shark, Nile crocodile and polar bear. When these a...

Animal Superpowers

Windfall Films

3 x 60' Patrick Stewart investigates the incredible superpowers of nature’s deadliest animals.

Foxes Live: Wild In The City

Windfall Films

An interactive live event for Channel 4. Foxes provoke either love or hate: urban menace or furry friend?

Inside Nature’s Giants

Windfall Films

Most wildlife documentaries show how animals behave, but by exploring their anatomy, veterinary scientist Mark Evans, comparative anatomist...