Friday 12th April: Kerry Katona, Peter Andre and Christopher Biggins are among the celebrities who share their thoughts about Ant McPartlin in tonight’s Channel 5 programme, The Comeback of Ant McPartlin.

Former Atomic Kitten, Kerry Katona said: “We thought he was this amazing person, perfect life.  And then wham, bam, he has all these issues, and you feel like you’ve been a little bit lied to and cheated.”

She continued: “How can somebody who’s got it all not be able to cope with life?  That’s what he’s probably thinking.  Why am I not happy? I have everything but I’m not happy.  So you turn to self-medicate.”

Following Ant McPartlin’s highly-anticipated return to the nation’s screens last weekend, tonight’s Channel 5 documentary examines how the pressures of celebrity can lead to tabloid scandal and how, in the aftermath, can one of the biggest TV careers be salvaged to regain a place back in the nation’s heart?

Singer songwriter and TV personality Peter Andre, comments on Ant’s return to the public eye: “I don’t want the pressure on him, of people thinking, OK, he’s had a year off now, he’s perfectly fine.  You’ve got to understand that he’ll still be suffering inside… we’ve got to give the guy a lot of time.”

Actor and TV presenter Christopher Biggins is also interviewed and said: “Out of the two of them, Ant is probably the more vulnerable and I think he is the more troubled.”

Through interviews with experts who are uniquely placed to understand his struggles, The Comeback of Ant McPartlin offers insight into how Ant’s world collapsed around him and how it feels to have your personal problems played out in front of the nation. Italso considers how the tabloid press, normally on side with the country’s much-loved pair, covered the crisis.

The documentary hears first-hand accounts from celebrities, colleagues and friends, offering insight into their experiences of Ant, or their own similar struggles in dealing with the effects of fame and public scrutiny. It also asks if Ant can successfully complete his recovery, reclaim and keep his place in one of the most successful TV partnerships of all time.

Contributors include: Kerry Katona, Peter Andre, Christopher Biggins, songwriter and producer Nicky Graham and Dominic Mohan, Editor of The Sun between 2009 – 2013, among others.

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