Mipcom 2017

Update from Mipcom 2017.

This was Argonon’s best Mipcom yet. A sunny week in Cannes.

Cecilie, Rebecca, Paul and Matt from Argonon International did an amazing job with our shiny new stand right in the thick of the busiest part of the market.  They were cooking with gas…and indeed still are today. DAY 4.

Laura, Carlo, Derek, Dan, Toby all had busy schedules and we got traction in many territories on our new and existing IP.  There are new bites in the US, Russia, China and also Germany, Czech Republic and Latin America.  A lot of our French friends were sniffing around too which is good.  We span the globe.

Highlights for me were the CAA dinner with a big crowd.  It was fun and felt like the powerful place to be. Dinner last night with the two powerhouse creative execs from Bravo, Rachel and Jenna, was also inspiring.  They invited Derek and me to the Colombe d’Or which is adorned with works by Picasso, Miro, Delaunay, Dali and Calder.  A must see.  I believe we will get traction here.

Throughout Mipcom, I took a lot of planned meetings and as always many impromptu ones.  These triggered new avenues to explore and some fresh thinking. I find the market opens my eyes to trends and the international zeitgeist.

Now to close the deals!
James Burstall
CEO, Argonon Group