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The Great Mountain Sheep Gather

Windfall Films

Scafell Pike is England’s tallest mountain and home to a flock of native Herdwick sheep. Every summer, their shepherd must gather these noto...

The Masked Singer


The Masked Singer is the surreal and surprising singing show that asks - who is behind the mask? Twelve celebrities compete, dressed head to...

How To See a Black Hole: The Universe’s Greatest Mystery

Windfall Films

The first images of a Black Hole, revealed for the first time. Black Hole Hunters bring the viewers into the laboratories, behind the comput...

Operation Bridge Rescue

Windfall Films

OPERATION BRIDGE RESCUE follows the race to rebuild the Blenheim Covered Bridge in New York  – an icon of early American engineering. 

Einstein’s Quantum Riddle

Windfall Films

The remarkable story of perhaps the strangest phenomenon in science – Quantum Entanglement.  It’s a story of mind-bending concepts and brill...

When Bridges Collapse: The Genoa Disaster

Windfall Films

On 14 August 2018, the Polcevera Bridge in Genoa, Italy collapsed, sending twenty-seven vehicles plummeting to the valley below. Forty-three...

Britain’s Viking Graveyard

Windfall Films

A team of archaeologists is hunting for the remains of one of the largest armies ever to invade Britain, one of the most significant Viking...

House Hunters International (HGTV)

Leopard USA

House Hunters International globe trots with home buyers and real estate professionals from Sao Paolo to Hong Kong. Check out all sorts of a...

Missing Las Vegas

Leopard USA

Observational documentary series with extraordinary access to the Missing Persons Unit of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Mormon Love

Leopard USA

Mormon Love is a docu-series following Mormon Teens as they navigate finding themselves while dating for marriage within Utah's LDS communit...

Abandoned Engineering

Like A Shot

These are some of the most spectacular examples of abandoned engineering the world has ever known. The series explores how and why they were...

Forbidden History

Like A Shot

Jamie Theakston attempts to uncover the truth about historical mysteries, ancient relics, hidden treasures, conspiracy theories and lost civ...

Private Lives

Like A Shot

Their iconic images, captured in famous portraits and paintings, are part of the very fabric of national culture. In carefully-arranged pose...

Shipwreck Secrets

Like A Shot

Scattered across the world, over 3 million shipwrecks line the floors of our oceans, seas and lakes. Most are waiting to be discovered, have...

Henry VIII: The Kings Men

Like A Shot

Tracy Borman, Chief Curator of the Historic Royal Palaces, looks at the World’s most famous King, Henry VIII. But not through the lens of th...


Windfall Films

UNEARTHED investigates new evidence that reveals the myths and mysteries behind ancient civilizations and the iconic megastructures they bui...

Crossrail: The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway

Windfall Films

Following a team of more than ten thousand engineers and construction workers as they race to build a brand new subterranean railway under L...

Test Drive


Comedy legend Grado host three teams of contestants driving to a new mystery destination, guided by a talking 'sat-nav' asking them question...

Chase the Case


Chase the Case is the strategy gameshow that trades general knowledge for intelligence hosted by Dan Walker. 5 players begin the game with a...

Navigazione Con Conduttore


Joined by hosts Filippo Nardi and Maddalena Corvaglia , two teams of two; couples, friends, relatives, take to the roads of Northern Italy ....

Naked Beach

In a ground-breaking format, three ‘Guests’ with critically low body image jet off to a sunny luxury retreat. They are greeted by a group of...

Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords

BriteSpark Films

This series delves into the dark side of Britain’s overheating rental market. Gaining unique access into the lives of the haves and the have...

Dispatches: The Prince and the Paedophile

BriteSpark Films

This documentary investigates the extraordinary friendship between Prince Andrew and multi-millionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Welcome to Murdertown

BriteSpark Films

WELCOME TO MURDERTOWN follows the baffling murder mysteries where it's not just one person who's hiding something – it’s everybody. From sma...

The World’s Most Scenic Train Journeys Series

BriteSpark Films

Bill Nighy narrates the stories of epic train journeys through stunning scenery.

Worzel Gummidge

Leopard Pictures

Siblings Susan and John arrive at Scatterbrook Farm to find it troubled by a late harvest. Can walking, talking scarecrow Worzel Gummidge he...

Mimi and The Mountain Dragon

Leopard Pictures

Animated adaptation of the children's book by Michael Morpurgo. A shy little girl named Mimi finds a baby dragon and undertakes a perilous j...

The Snow Spider

Leopard Pictures

The contemporary adventures of boy magician Gwyn Griffiths.

Keeping up with the Joneses

Leopard Films

Competitive garage-sale-holding. Yes, really. Two sets of neighbours hold rival sales, and the one that makes the least amount of money has...

Farm of Fussy Eaters

Leopard Films

A ratings hit in the UK and Holland, this format forces eight of the country’s fussiest eaters to tackle their food demons in a unique facil...

Natural Born Dealers

Leopard Films

Father-and-son team Jerry and Jeremiah Pasternak deal in commodities ... other people's junk. They scour dusty antique fairs, old storage ba...

Big Beach Builds

Leopard USA

Contractor Marnie Oursler is giving outdated beach homes a new lease on life. From gorgeous new decks to beach glass-inspired kitchens, she...

Disaster Guy

Leopard USA

Steve Frasher is the ultimate general contractor – a “guy’s guy” who specializes in the unpredictably exhilarating area of disaster repair,...


Windfall Films

In a unique experiment 21st century men are challenged to re-live one of the greatest feats of maritime adventure and endurance in naval his...

Alastair Campbell: Depression and Me

Windfall Films

In an intensely personal and often surprising film for BBC Two, Alastair Campbell candidly talks about his experience living with depression...

Building Giants

Windfall Films

BUILDING GIANTS follows the race to build the world’s next generation of engineering wonders – structures and machines that are more ambitio...

Banged Up: Teens Behind Bars

BriteSpark Films

Eight British teen tearaways are incarcerated in one of America's toughest jails in a bid to divert them from a life of crime.

Mountain Vets

Welcome to the ancient Kingdom of Mourne, where animals outnumber people ten to one and no two days are the same for the busy mountain vets.


Leopard Films

In this powerful documentary we tell extraordinary and very different stories of people trapped in the snow.

Rise of the Machines

Windfall Films

20 x 60' (2 Seasons) Rise of the Machines uses mind-blowing CGI animations to ‘explode apart’ some of the world’s most extreme machines to r...

Strip the Cosmos

Windfall Films

3 Seasons (22 episodes) The science behind our universe. Strip the Cosmos explores the deepest mysteries of the universe and reveals worlds...

Impossible Builds

Windfall Films

Extraordinary homes in extreme locations. Impossible Builds explores how a new wave of ingeniously engineered ‘kit’ homes are helping ambiti...

Train Truckers

Windfall Films

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2019, UKTV Train Truckers follows an elite crew of heavy-haulage specialists as they race to haul the heaviest, longes...

Wonder of Dogs

Windfall Films

3 x 60' No other land mammal displays such dazzling diversity as man’s best friend. It’s hard to believe that a Great Dane and a Chihuahua b...

Spider House

Windfall Films

1 x 89' Ever wondered what spiders really get up to in your home? In this documentary special Alice Roberts overcomes her arachnophobia to e...

The Secret Life of Baby Owls

Windfall Films

2 x 60' Owls - with their huge eyes, flat faces and distinctive hoot – they are truly iconic! creatures. But how much do we really know abou...

Fearless Mr Fox

Windfall Films

1 x 60' The fox: portrayed as a sly and cunning character in stories and mythology across the globe. In reality, the fox is one of the most...

British Garden: Life And Death On Your Lawn

Windfall Films

1 x 89' The British back garden is a familiar setting, but underneath the peonies and petunias is a much wilder hidden world, a miniature Se...

Born In The Wild

Windfall Films

4 x 60' Presented by anatomist Prof Joy Reidenberg and vet Mark Evans, Born In The Wild explores the reproductive behaviours and biology of...

Mythical Beasts

Windfall Films

Series 1: 10x60 | HD | 2018 For thousands of years, civilizations have believed in mythical beasts – Dragons, Cyclops, Giants, Vampires and...

Mystery of the Northern Lights

Windfall Films

1 x 60', BBC (UK), CBC (Canada), Discovery Science (US), Planete+ Exploring the mysteries of the Aurora Borealis Exploring the greatest myst...

Saving Planet Earth: Fixing a Hole

Windfall Films

1 x 60', Channel 4(UK), PBS(USA) The story of how nations came together and saved the world. Ozone Hole: How We Saved the Planet tells the f...

Lost Secrets of the Pyramids

Windfall Films

2 x 60', CBC(Canada), Channel 4(UK), Discovery Science (US), France TV (France) Unearthing the deepest secrets of the Great Pyramid of Giza....

Machines: How They Work

Windfall Films

Machines: How They Work answers all the questions we have ever had about the machines we use often in our daily lives. How does a hand-held...

Building Hitler’s Supergun

Windfall Films

1 x 60 min - Channel 4 The biggest gun the world had ever seen and the unbelievable efforts to take it down. Building Hitler’s Supergun: The...

World’s Greatest Ships

Windfall Films

HD / 6 x 60' Windfall Films for Channel 5 Presenter Rob Bell reveals the secrets of the historic ships that shaped the world. Visiting the s...

Hidden Britain By Drone

Windfall Films

HD / 7 x 60' Windfall Films for Channel 4 Britain may be small, but everywhere you turn there are places that are hidden from public view -...

The World’s Forgotten Army

Series 1: 1x60 | HD | 2017 Channel 4 This documentary explores the untold and secret history of the Chinese Labour Corps (CLC): One hundred...

The Incredible Hulk Woman

Series 1: 1x60 | HD | 2013 Channel 5 Following Helen Stephens, a mum-of-three who is believed to suffer from one of the rarest neurological...

The Bubble Wrap Boy

Series 1: 1x60 | HD | 2017 Channel 5 16-year-old Mithun Chauhan suffers from an extremely rare genetic condition. which has left him with la...

The Boy Who Wants His Leg Cut Off

Series 1: 1x60 | HD | 2015 BBC Three Documentary about Dillon, an 11-year-old boy who suffers from an aggressive form of neurofibromatosis,...

The Baby With A New Face

Series 1: 1x60 | HD | 2012 Channel 5 Viet was born with one of the world's rarest facial deformities: A cleft palate and bilateral facial cl...

Nelly The Snakeskin Woman

Series 1: 1x60 | HD | 2017 Channel 5 At just 32 years old, Nusrit (Nelly) Shaheen has defied odds to become the world’s oldest known survivo...

Jonathan Phang’s Gourmet Trains

Series 1: 6x60 | HD | 2013 Series 2: 6x60 | HD | 2015 Jonathan Phang is on an adventure of a lifetime, as he travels on some of the world's...

I Do At 92

Series 1: 1x60 | HD | 2017 Channel 4 Up and down the country OAPs are proving you’re never too old to say ‘I Do’. These three couples are no...

Great Northern Cookbook

Series 1: 4x60 | HD | 2013 Channel 5/Food Network If you think food in the North is just pies... think again! In a mouthwatering new four-pa...

Granny Ink

Series 1: 1x60 | HD | 2016 Channel 5 With a shocking rise in OAPs going under the needle, whether it’s to complete a full body tattoo suit o...

Erick: The Boy With No Face

Series 1: 1x60 | HD | 2016 Series 2: 1x60 | HD | 2017 (A Year On) Channel 5 17-year-old Erick from Uganda has a rare tumour the size of his...

Tourette’s: Let Me Entertain You

Leopard Films

AVAILABLE AS A FORMAT, 3 x 60' BBC3, UK In this unique and inspiring series, a group of gifted young people with a range of disabilities set...

Put Your Money Where Your Spouse Is

AVAILABLE AS A FORMAT 30' Pilot How much do you really believe in your partner? And when it comes down to it, will you put your money where...

Fired by Mum & Dad

Remedy Productions

Available as a Format (8 x 60' MTV, UK) Parents go undercover to discover the real reason why their unemployable kids keep losing their jobs...

Inside Oxford Street

4 x 60' Channel 5, UK Inside Oxford Street takes you behind the scenes of the busiest shopping precinct in Europe. With access to London Und...


A ground-breaking experiment, where a country's citizens use app technology to track their movements over a 24 hour period to simulate the s...

Secret Life Of Baby Owls, The

Windfall Films

Owls - with their huge eyes, flat faces and distinctive hoot – they are truly iconic!creatures.

My Floating Home

Windfall Films

Families who have always dreamed of waking up to unspoiled river views or watching the sunset over a seascape are taking the ultimate plunge...

Danger: Diggers At Work

In this series … we’ll be following these heavy metal machines and the men and women who drive them … Welcome to the world of big diggers.

A Very British Brothel

A Very British Brothel reveals the day-to-day workings of the only parlour in the street run by a mother and daughter duo.

Botched Up Bodies

Follows some of Britain's top plastic surgeons, who correct cosmetic surgery disasters.

Hunting Nazi Treasure

BriteSpark Films

8 x 60' The series chronicles one of the greatest heists in history and the present-day efforts to locate gold and artwork stolen by the Naz...

Eclipse: Secrets of the Sun

Windfall Films

On August 21, 2017 the United States experienced its first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in nearly 100 years. This film follows three t...

Inside Chernobyl’s Mega Tomb

Windfall Films

Building Chernobyl's Mega Tomb follows the construction of an extraordinary 36,000 tonne steel arch designed to entomb the ruins of the nucl...

Operation Lighthouse Rescue

Windfall Films

1 x 60x (Nova/WGBH, France TV) A community coming together to save a piece of American history. Operation Lighthouse Rescue charts the epic...


25 x 30' Life changes beyond recognition for the Clarke family when Eve, the world's first fully sentient 'artificial person', comes to live...

Making North America

Windfall Films

Mighty, elemental forces molded North America—fiery eruptions, titanic floods, the grinding of great ice sheets, and massive impacts from sp...

Inside Einstein’s Mind

Windfall Films

Inside Einstein’s Mind is the story of the most elegant and powerful theory in science: Albert Einstein’s General Relativity. When Albert Ei...

Your Inner Fish

Windfall Films

Using fossil evidence and our DNA history Neil Shubin traces back different parts of our body’s anatomy to animals that lived millions of ye...

Raising the Costa Concordia

Windfall Films

This film charts the exclusive inside story of the race to raise and re-float the stricken Costa Concordia shipwreck. The colossal cruise sh...

Natural World: The Bat Man of Mexico

Windfall Films

Natural World. Rodrigo 'The Bat Man of Mexico', has been saving the amazing bats of his homeland since childhood, when he kept vampires in h...

Monster Moves

Windfall Films

6 x 50' Hauling the heaviest structures across land, sea and air - Monster Moves returns for a fourth series.

Easter Eggs Live

Windfall Films

A live interactive event for Channel 4. The wonderful world of eggs revealed.

D-Day: As It Happens

Windfall Films

2 x 60 Tells the story of this pivotal event in real time.

World’s Biggest Ship

Windfall Films

Two teams of pioneering shipbuilders, from Denmark and Korea, are joining forces to build a record-breaking ship. When complete, the Triple-...

Strip the City

Windfall Films

14 x 60' (2 seasons) CGI reveals how the Earth's geology shapes our cities. Strip the City uses stunning CGI animation and expedition-driven...

Attack of the Zeppelins

Windfall Films

The Zeppelin, the most terrifying weapon in the Great War. Attack of the Zeppelins explores how the Germans unleashed a new terror campaign...

Animal Superpowers

Windfall Films

3 x 60' Patrick Stewart investigates the incredible superpowers of nature’s deadliest animals.

Escape from Colditz

Windfall Films

1x90 A crack team recreate the most audacious escape plan in history; flying from the roof of Colditz Castle in a home-made glider.

Foxes Live: Wild In The City

Windfall Films

An interactive live event for Channel 4. Foxes provoke either love or hate: urban menace or furry friend?


Leopard Films

A 90' film for Channel 4. For 25 years, Matthew Bourne has been delighting audiences with adaptations of the best-known ballets and operas....


Leopard Films

A 90 minute film for BBC2. Internationally renowned conductor Sir John Eliot Gardiner goes in search of Bach the man AND the musician. The u...

Big Bigger Biggest

Windfall Films

6x50' for Nat Geo Big, Bigger, Biggest is back - and it's bigger than ever. 6 episodes revealing the key inventions that allowed structures...

The War on Britain’s Roads

Leopard Films

60' for BBC1

The Holding

A heart-pounding suspense thriller, set on an isolated farm in England's beautiful, rugged Peak District.

Inside Nature’s Giants

Windfall Films

Most wildlife documentaries show how animals behave, but by exploring their anatomy, veterinary scientist Mark Evans, comparative anatomist...

Dambusters: Building The Bouncing Bomb

Windfall Films

1 X 120' No CGI, no special effects; this is for real.

Race and Intelligence: Science’s Last Taboo

Windfall Films

Feature-length doc Rageh Omaar explodes the myths about race and IQ.

Sons of Cuba (Victory Is Your Duty)

Windfall Films

1 x 45' 1 x 56' 1 x 88' Behind the scenes access to the Havana Boxing Academy in Cuba, the breeding ground for future Olympic Champions.

Generals At War

Windfall Films

6 x 50' Commanders from the great battles of WWII go head-to-head in a game of skill, bluff and counterbluff.

The Operation: Surgery Live

Windfall Films

4 x 60' Four patients go under the knife for pioneering life-changing operations. Broadcast live with interactive elements.

Missing Live

Leopard Films

Missing Live is Leopard's flagship interactive series on BBC1. The series has been inundated with calls from the public offering help to fin...

An Englishman in New York

Picking up where the 1975 classic ‘The Naked Civil Servant’ left off, John Hurt reprises his role as Quentin Crisp. This entertaining and po...

The Day the Immigrants Left

Leopard Films

A 60' film for BBC1. What happens when you deprive a British town of its foreign work-force? Hosted by Evan Davies The Day The Immigrants Le...

Missing (Drama)

Multiple series for BBC1. ‘Missing’ is a compelling investigative series set around a Missing Persons Unit in Dover. Whether it’s a secret f...

Absolute Zero

Windfall Films

2x60' An epic journey into the quest for cold, from the dark beginnings to an ultra-cool frontier.

The Umbrella Assassin

Windfall Films

1 x 60' The real story of the Cold War assassination of Georgi Markov - known as the 'Umbrella Murder'.

Richard is my Boyfriend

Windfall Films

1 x 75' An innovative ‘reality drama’ from the same team who made 'Born With Two Mothers'.

You’re not splitting up my Family

Windfall Films

1 x 90' Filmed over 10 years, this is the story of two young boys and the decisions that changed their lives forever.

Cash in the Attic

Leopard Films

The show that helps you find hidden treasures in your home, and then sells them for you at auction.

My Brilliant Brain

Windfall Films

3 x 50' Three films exploring the very thing that makes us human - the brain.

Mysterious Creatures

A 90' film for ITV1. This true story of love, loss and reconciliation charts the lives of a couple whose daughter suffers from Asperger’s Sy...

The Hunt for Hitler’s Scientists

Windfall Films

1 x 60' The race to capture elite German scientists and their high- tech weapons.


Windfall Films

5 x 50' An EMMY award-winning history of DNA - to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the double helix discovery with Dr Watson himself.

D-Day: The Ultimate Conflict

Windfall Films

1 x 120' The definitive account of what really happened on D-Day.

Born With Two Mothers

Windfall Films

1 x 90' What would happen if a mother using IVF was given the wrong baby?

The Bridge on the River Kwai

Windfall Films

1 x 50' Engineer Bashar Altabba discovers the tragic history of the Thailand to Burma Railway.


Windfall Films

1 x 50' The amazing technical story behind the most audacious bombing raid of WWII.

Escape from Colditz

Windfall Films

3 x 50' Allied Officers return to Colditz Castle to retrace the routes of their legendary escapes.

The Day The World Took Off

Windfall Films

5 x 50' This landmark series on the origins of the Industrial Revolution challenges traditional views of this dramatic period in history.


Windfall Films

3 x 50' The agony and ecstasy of being 15 years old.

The Tourist Trap

Windfall Films

6 x 30' The prototype of all Reality Shows as we know them today.

The Decision

Windfall Films

6 x 50' Difficult decisions made by, for and about children in trouble.


Windfall Films

1 x 50' Bonfires, thieving and love in Halifax- teenagers act out their lives in a West Yorkshire council estate.

The Curse of the Methuselah Tree

Windfall Films

1 x 50' The story of the oldest living thing on Earth.

Oil On Canvas

Windfall Films

6 x 30' This series answers everyone’s first questions about the art, craft and science of painting.

The Ultimate Guide: Elephants

Windfall Films

1 x 60' As the name implies - this film leaves no questions unanswered.


Windfall Films

6 x 30' How technology shaped our modern city.

Lost Civilisations

Windfall Films

15 x 30' Seven Millennia of history come to life again in 10 ancient civilisations.

Reality on the Rocks

Windfall Films

3 x 50' Ken Campbell's oddysey to the heart of ultimate meaning in the universe.

Wanted: Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

Windfall Films

1 x 80' Anthropologist Dr. Clyde Snow hunts down the mortal remains of the legendary outlaws.

Equinox: The Elements

Windfall Films

1 x 50' The chemical elements personified by the poet Roger McGough.

Love in the Cold War

Windfall Films

1 x 60 The two sons of the US Communist party leader; one brought up in the USSR, the other in the USA.

Red Star in Orbit – The Russian Right Stuff

Windfall Films

3 x 50' The epic story of the Soviet Space Programme.

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