SNOWTRAPPED – Airs tonight (02/03/18) on 5 at 7pm

This is the documentary that brings to life unbelievable stories of ordinary people trapped in the snow. For days, weeks, sometimes even, months on end. In SNOWTRAPPED, we’re going tell their astonishing stories. How they survived against the odds, and against the elements. How they were found, despite having no means of communicating with the outside world. And how they were rescued, often in high stakes missions that put their rescuers in extreme danger too. Using unique and visceral user generated content and archive footage, along with interviews with key protagonists; in SNOWTRAPPED we’ll find out how our cast of survivors made it out of the snow (sometimes others with them weren’t so lucky) and hear the heart-stopping stories of their ordeal. Featuring stories of some of the worst things that can happen to you in the snow – from avalanches to in-car burials to icy plane crashes – this documentary will take the viewer into the heart of the story, as we experience just how petrifying it is to be trapped deep under the snow.