Speed pumps up Argonon gameshow

US male-skewed cablenet Speed has greenlit a new gameshow set at gas stations around New York. Speed has ordered 20 half-hours of Pumped, which will see comedian and host Greg Fitzsimmons pose as an employee of random gas stations around New York State – where he will spring trivia questions on unsuspecting patrons. Pumped is being produced by Leopard Films USA (House Hunters International), part of the Argonon group of companies that includes Leopard Films and Remedy Productions. It’s Argonon’s first gameshow. “We’ve all heard the term ‘pain at the pump,’ and in the current economy filling up the daily driver can really drain people’s wallets,” said Robert Ecker, VP of programming and executive producer for Speed. Nick Rigg is the executive producer. Julian Locke produces.