Super-indie Argonon vote to remain in the EU

Film and TV production group make the first pro-Europe
public stance in broadcasting

20.06.16: Independent super-indie film and TV production group Argonon have decided to come out in favour of voting to remain in the European Union in advance of the upcoming Brexit referendum. Argonon believes it is in the best interests of its people and the UK film and TV industry as a whole to vote in favour of remaining in the EU.

The reasons for this are as follows:

  • Argonon feels it’s a powerful and distinct advantage for the UK to be seated at the top table of one of the world’s three largest economies – Europe, USA and China.
  • A third of all UK TV exports go to Europe – that is worth £330m every year to the TV industry and supports production and creates jobs (PACT).
  • 30% of Argonon distribution sales and pre-sales come from Europe, which creates production and generates employment.
  • Without EU Media and Creative Funding, UK-based producers like Argonon will find it harder to raise finance, co-produce, fund production and compete for top international talent. This will be detrimental to production and could limit our ability to create and employ.
  • Workers’ rights across our industry are protected by EU law including working hours, holiday, maternity and paternity leave and anti-discrimination laws.


With the film and TV industry facing a very real risk due to its possible departure from Europe, CEO James Burstall consulted with the Argonon board and senior executives at Argonon over the vote. The group felt this was an important stand to make.

“I am a passionate Brit and I love Britain,” says Burstall. “I also feel a personal, professional and moral responsibility to make our view clear because I believe this to be in the best interests of Argonon and its people, the UK film and television industry and indeed the UK as a whole.”

To mark the company’s stance, they have re-skinned their logo to include the EU flag. The Emmy, BAFTA and RTS award-winning super-indie production group Argonon is umbrella to some of the world’s top content producers. These include Leopard Drama, Leopard USA, Remedy Productions, Remedy Canada, Transparent TV, BriteSpark Films, Blacklisted Films and Windfall Films. Content from the group includes award-winning factual, factual entertainment, entertainment, drama, arts, comedy and children’s programming; all for top broadcasters across the world. The group is HQ’d in London with significant offices in Glasgow, New York and Vancouver.