Unearthed – Tut’s Buried Secrets TX TUESDAY 23rd MAY 10pm CT

On Tuesday, our hit returning format Unearthed launches with the Tut’s Buried Secrets at the start of this season of 12 x 60-minute eps. on Science Channel in the US.

It’s a truly global production, with our teams filming in ten different countries around the world to unravel the mysteries of iconic historic monuments and locations.  Egypt, China, Cambodia, Peru, Mexico, India… it’s been like the ultimate film location bucket-list, and line producer’s nightmare…  The CGI pipeline is no less epic, with a team of over 40 people working in the UK and Canada to bring the monuments to life.


With so many people working in different time zones for most of the past six months, the sun really has never set on the production. Someone, somewhere in the world has always been working on Unearthed. It’s just as well because just to keep the pressure up, episode one transmits before we have even shot the last one…..