Argonon Group & COVID19 help

Dear all,

Here at the Argonon Group we are working hard to try and protect as many jobs as we can through the various government schemes available, as well as providing as much help and support to our teams as we possibly can. As you can all imagine, it has been a very confusing and unsettling time for everyone. 

There is so much information available, yet where do you start? It can become overwhelming. With that in mind, my colleagues and I have put together a summary containing as much information as we could gather in the hope that it can provide some answers for people as well as support, general information, or simply a nudge in the right direction. It is intended to help you understand the different options available to those that are employed, self-employed or have their own business via a loan out.

Since we first issued this to our teams, we’ve discovered that it has been shared around outside the Group. We therefore decided to amend the document and make it publicly available as it is not just our Group that is impacted, but the wider industry and beyond. Information is rapidly changing as the government is constantly reviewing the circumstances and the level of support available.  This revised document is up to date as of 6 April 2020 and will be continuously reviewed and updated to bring you guidance. You won’t be notified of these updates, therefore it is up to you to check you have the most recent version available.  You should always check the government website for the most up to date information and that will override any guidance or information available here.

It is important to note that this document is to provide general support and guidance and is for information purposes only. Whilst we have taken every care to ensure that the information provided is accurate, and up to date, this is not a legal document, nor can it be relied upon as Argonon giving legal, financial, business or employment advice or guidance. Individuals should ensure that they obtain the appropriate legal, financial and/or employment advice necessary. 

Look after yourselves and each other.

Best wishes,

Jenny King

Head of HR