-Group in Top Ten For Top Owners /Consolidators –

Argonon Group has reached Number 10 in the Broadcast Indie Survey for Top Owners / Consolidators, it was announced today. This is the first time in Argonon’s history that it has ranked so highly.

Ranking all producers by annual turnover, the survey gives detailed breakdowns of the fastest-growing companies, the top owners and consolidators and other key industry issues.

The result recognises the growth of Argonon Group which has performed exceptionally well this year in the UK, with indie Like A Shot delivering well through its investment in history and science factual programming, and Barefaced and Bandicoot delivering strong international IP. There was also continued strong growth in the USA for the Group.

James Burstall, CEO, Argonon Group, said: “I’m excited to see us in the Top Ten consolidators, and look forward to continued growth for our company in the coming months.”

The Broadcast survey follows Argonon Group’s release last week of their third annual Diversity Survey which announced strong rises in the number of senior female executives and female and LGBT employees.

Burstall added: “There is compelling evidence* that strongly diverse companies with good male / female balance perform strongest, and this is borne out by our results this year.”

*Harvard Business Review