The London Marathon – 26th April 2015, My Experience.


When I was growing up, I would go and watch the start of the London Marathon every year. I always said ‘one year I’ll run it’.  Last year, Transparent Television got involved with the charity ‘Make A Wish Foundation,’ through a contributor we were filming. They are an amazing charity that make terminally ill children’s wishes come true and I was inspired by all the great work they do. I decided to put two things together to raise some money for ‘Make A Wish’ by running the London Marathon.

Training started the day after Boxing Day, and after 4 months of gruelling long runs in all weather conditions and going to the gym during the week, I worked my way up from 5 to 17 miles. By Marathon day I just wanted to get it over with to reclaim my weekends!

The days in the run up where full of angst and apprehension, with a little excitement (only a little!) On the actual day I woke up feeling drained from no sleep, but also trying to do everything possible to get ‘into the zone’.

Walking up to your allocated start area, everyone was wearing a masking smile with a look of absolute terror in their eyes- including myself. The actual run was a blur.  I can only describe the first 5 miles as ‘enjoyable’. In the later miles it was painful.  That is very much an understatement.  Only two thoughts remained in my head: 1) think of all the children’s lives you are changing 2) pain is only temporary, but finishing a marathon lasts for a lifetime.

I have raised over £1750 for ‘Make A Wish Foundation’, but I hope to raise even more in the coming weeks. I can only thank everyone for their donations and continued support both on the track and in messages that kept me going in what I can only describe as the hardest physical test of my life so far!

Becky x