Champions Circle Champions Announced!

The Champions Circle, in partnership with Argonon are pleased to announce the first seven successful business leaders to be our Champions, they are: Chris Sullivan, Chief Executive, Corporate Banking Division, RBS. Sophie Turner-Laing, MD, Entertainment, News and Broadcast, BskyB. David Harrison, Vice President, Visa Commercial, Visa Europe. India Gary-Martin, MD, Investment Banking Technology & Operations, J.P.Morgan. Jean Sharp, Chief Taxation Officer, Aviva. Sally Martin, VP Commercial Services for Global Solutions Downstream, Shell UK. Truett Tate, Chairman, Arora Each Champion will be linked to one of the winners of the Women of the Future awards 2011 We believe that mentorship and proactive championing are key to the development of the younger talent within our organisations. Our Champions will, we believe, enable a group of upcoming women to reach their full potential, by opening doors and providing guidance and support. Each year, we will introduce new Champions to the movement, linking them with that year’s Women of the Future winners. At the Women of the Future 2012 awards, on November 20, we will announce the second set of Champions and link them to the winners of the 2012 awards.