Channel 4 and Leopard Films’ Big Dance 2012 launched today!

Big Dance 2012 is set to be the UK’s biggest ever celebration of dance with a programme of events taking place around the UK culminating in Big Street Dance Day on 14 July. World-renowned choreographer Wayne McGregor is taking on a hugely ambitious project by choreographing over 35 separate dance groups to perform together in one place.  Over 1000 performers will be woven together by Wayne to create one epic scale 40 minute work in Trafalgar Square, in a unique and memorable event as part of the London 2012 Festival.   Presented by The Ballet Boyz (The Royal Ballet in Cuba, Strictly Bolshoi), Big Dance 2012 features a dynamic and varied range of amateur dance groups working alongside professional dancers from Wayne’s own company, Random, and with Channel 4 as partners of Big Dance, this documentary follows individual dancers from diverse communities drawn from across London – their movement styles ranging from salsa, Bollywood and hip hop, to contemporary dance and ballet – as they create and rehearse the separate pieces that will form part of the Big Dance jigsaw.  The cameras will also follow Big Dance projects from around the UK as groups arrive in to St Pancras Station on 5 July to officially launch Big Dance.   Performers will be pushing themselves hard at rehearsals in the studio, work-shopping new material under the guidance of Wayne McGregor and his team of dancers. Everyone comes together as one for the last-minute dress rehearsal in Trafalgar Square – less than two hours before the actual performance. All of this giant team’s hard work, creative talent and large-scale choreography comes down to this one huge moment for Big Dance 2012. Can Wayne really pull this mass movement dance event off?   As part of Big Dance Week and in association with BAFTA, five specially commissioned partnerships between choreographers and film-makers will be broadcast as part of Random Acts, Channel 4’s short-form late night arts strand, between  9 – 13 July.