Final Episode – Nightmare Tenants S3 TX’s on the 14th Sept 8pm Channel 5

Episode Synopsis: TX 12


In Northamptonshire, young mum Hamdi Abdulkadir generously lets a couple stay in her home free of charge, as the wife was pregnant and the family had nowhere else to live. However, months after they had had the baby they are showing no signs of moving out, and when Hamdi repeatedly asked them to leave, she found herself locked out of her own home. Relying on friends and relatives for a roof over her head Hamdi, who has a three-month-old baby herself, is left penniless and becoming increasingly desperate to get HER home back.


Landlord – Nick Shad went to visit his East London home to find out why his tenant had stopped paying rent. He got the shock of his life when he discovered his tenant was nowhere to be seen. Instead, over half a dozen strangers had moved in. To get his property back and his sub tenants out, Nick calls eviction specialist Paul Shamplina for help.


Harrow Council are investigating a property that they’ve been tipped off it could be a death trap. Their early morning raid uncovers a small two bed flat which is housing up to a dozen tenants, crammed into unsafe and overcrowded living conditions. The enforcement team need to make the property safe and find out who’s responsible for putting the tenant’s lives at risk.