Leopard Films’ The War on Britain’s Roads premieres at 9pm on Wednesday 5th December on BBC One.

  The War on Britain’s Roads combines footage captured by cyclists through helmet-mounted cameras, with interviews from cyclists, drivers and those affected by incidents on our roads. Viewers are parachuted into the middle of the battle that is raging between two-wheeled road users and their four-wheeled counterparts. As thirty four million vehicles and thirteen million bikes all try to share the same crowded space, The War on Britain’s Roads provides a dramatic and unique insight into the unfolding tension and conflict.  From everyday incidents that get out of hand between cyclists and motorists, to stories of near death experiences and fatal collisions, this timely documentary shows that the battle between two wheels and four has never been so intense.   The film presents both sides of the story, retelling dramatic incidents from both the cyclists’ and drivers’ points of view. It follows the cycle-mounted police as they chase down errant road users and record more than 3,000 offences every year from car and bike users alike. We even see a cyclist who is attempting to police the roads himself, handing out his own ‘tickets’ for anything from texting behind the wheel, to jumping a red light. A mother who lost her cyclist daughter in a fatal collision with a cement mixer tells the extraordinary story of her efforts to improve cycle safety on our roads, while a London black cab driver reveals how his own loss changed his opinion about cyclists forever.   The War on Britain’s Roads premieres at 9pm on Wednesday 5th December on BBC One.