Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the key focus of Mental Health Awareness Week this year is anxiety. Anxiety is something that can affect us all, it is a natural response to uncertain situations. It is often described as a feeling of unease or fear, and it is a major factor in peoples mental health.

At Argonon, we have a people-first culture and take our team’s mental health very seriously, which is why every employee has an employee assistance programme/plan and we have several trained mental health first aiders.

There’s extensive industry support for people working within the industry. Our partners at the Film and Television Charity are one example. From their financial services to their mental health support, and if you are a freelancer or work in production or in an office job, the Film and TV Charity supports everyone in the industry. This charity is available 24/7 and they offer both a helpline or a chat function on their website to offer support and advice to those who need it.

This Mental Health Awareness Week, take time to focus on the things that improve your mental health, and remember that there is always someone to help if you need it.

Helpline: 0800 054 0000

Website: The Film and TV Charity (