NYLON Part 1 : London – New York

Less than two months into working for Remedy I got ridiculously lucky in the form of winning a flight out to America to go to the Argonon New York Christmas party. I massively didn’t deserve it, and to the more worthy recipients out there (which is everyone) I’m sorry.

I had an incredible time, getting my picture taken with six foot toy gorillas at FAO Schwarz, watching the Knicks at Madison Square garden and financially crippling myself in plenty of shops. The Argonon NY Christmas party was also excellent- a fancy dress theme of ‘Dallas vs. Dynasty’ in a venue apparently decked out to look like a pre-revolutionary Russian vodka bar made for quite a surreal combination.

It was great fun though, and I spoke to loads of really nice colleagues from the New York office about the shows they’re working on. Judging by the great atmosphere, repeated team photos and general raucousness,  Argonon USA has the same friendly and welcoming collective spirit of the UK office.

Special mention must go to Executive Assistant and on-the-night ‘hype girl’ Bernadette, who took it upon herself to go round and vigorously dance in front of anyone until they surrendered and headed to the dance floor. When you’ve seen cowboys krumping to ‘Baby I got Your Money’ in a Tsarist Russia themed nightclub, you’ve definitely had the full New York experience.

Thank you so much Argonon, it was a bloody brilliant trip.

Tom Williams
Development AP
Remedy Productions UK