Dispatches: How to Get a Pay Rise
TX: Monday 16th October, 8pm, Channel 4

In an era of stagnant wages – with British workers going fifteen years without any real term pay rise*, Remedy Scotland announces a new Channel 4 Dispatches documentary, How to Get a Pay Rise, presented by Morland Sanders. The 1 x 30’ was commissioned by Channel 4’s Deputy Head News & Current Affairs, Daniel Pearl.

In light of a UK job market where 54% of the work force feel underpaid**, this programme will reveal how to equip yourself for that all-important pay discussion – with access to Dan Hughes, the expert training civil servants representing the UK at Brexit negotiations. Dan also trains Arsenal how to negotiate player contracts and works with some of the world’s biggest retailers including Tesco.

Jim Regan, Head of Remedy Scotland, says: “Salaries are a hot topic and with Brexit looming, the ‘negotiation’ buzz word is top of people’s minds. This is the perfect time to make a programme tackling the often daunting prospect of negotiating with the boss. We hope that this film really pays off for our audiences.”

Meeting employees seeking a pay rise, master negotiator Dan will coach them on tactics, negotiating skills and help them find the confidence to ask for more – before putting their new skills to the test as they approach their employer to hopefully secure themselves a raise.

With the last decade seeing the lowest rate of wage growth for 210 years, since Great Britain was at war with Napoleon*** – Morland will also explore the issues behind the UK’s stagnant pay levels.

At the end of the training, will the employees confidently negotiate their terms or will they buckle under pressure? Crucially, can they get a pay rise?

Dispatches: How to Get a Pay Rise is made by Remedy Scotland. The executive producers are Ted Hill and Jim Regan and the producer director is John MacLaverty.


* Institute for Fiscal Studies
** Slater & Gordon, Daily Mail
*** 2010s Are Decade of Slowest Pay Growth Since Napoleonic Wars – Rightly So – Forbes