Social and Tourettes

By James Burstall CEO Argonon

I am immensely proud of Leopard Films’ new format Tourettes: Let Me Entertain You.  It is empowering documentary making at its very best and is just what Argonon is all about.  Engaging a wide audience with compelling content across platforms.   Social media played a huge part in the success of the show.  Our commissioning Channel BBC Three, and our social media partner dot.talent drew up a detailed social media strategy across multiple platforms.

We garnered 4000 tweets across the hour of transmission, built our audience and attracted celeb talent too to talk about the show.  Gok Wan, Sarah Beeny and Chris Evans all picked up on it.

There was the worry of negative tweets, you can be exposed in the social media space, and we have a duty of care to our contributors. However, as the episode progressed the tweets focused on the musical talents of those involved in the show and really drummed up a lively conversation.  It seemed that many people were changing their perceptions about the condition as the show progressed and I know our protagonists won many fans with their candour, passion and genuine talent.

I am looking forward to episode 2 next Monday.  There are some excellent surprises coming up….dont miss it!