‘Supercar SuperFam’ from Transparent TV for the Great British Asian Season showing across all BBC platforms

Transparent are delighted to share another piece in today’s Broadcast Magazine featuring Jazz Gowans and our latest BBC3 / BBC2 series called Supercar SuperFam for the Great British Asian Season across all platforms the BBC this summer:

From Broadcast: Jazz Gowans’ indie, Transparent TV, is producing BBC3’s Supercar Superfam. It follow brothers Kash and Shabs, who run a supercar workshop in Essex.

“As a working-class British Asian woman, I know a season like this can inspire and have a legacy,” said Gowans, who is exec producing the show. “It’s also about a changing world – an Asian season now hopefully means that we won’t need one in a few years’ time.”

Link to full article:  https://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/bbc/bbc-asian-season-offers-leg-up-to-bame-talent/5131155.article