The Bridge’s MD, Amanda Groom hosts the first K-Drama summit in London

Korean Drama launched in London last week at the Curzon Cinema, Soho with the screening of global blockbuster IRIS. IRIS is the cinematic version of the mega hit, Korean TV Drama IRIS, Amanda Groom Managing Director of The Bridge and Director of IRIS, Yang, Hun-ho announced the phenomenal success of IRIS in the presence of His Excellency Ambassador Lim, and the event’s hosts including Director Young-il Park of KOCCA, the Korean Creative Content Agency and Director Kab-soo Kim, of KCCUK, the Korean Cultural Center UK. Attending the Korean drama premiere were the notable and good from the UK and Korean film and TV industries, and including Korean broadcasters and producers KBS, MBC, SBS, CJ E&M and Goldenthumb Pictures. Amanda Groom greatly appreciated Director Yang, Yun-ho’s kind comments: ‘My sincerest gratitude goes to Amanda Groom for leading the promotion and the discussion after the screening of IRIS so well, and turning them into meaningful moments. I was immensely surprised by how passionate she is about the Korean wave. For that, I dare to thank her as a representative of Korea. I’ve got an impression that the Korea and the UK relationship is at such beginning. The two countries, Korea and the UK, can only be reached from one place to the other after 12-hours-long flight; however, if there are more opportunities of learning about each other via exchange of cultures and TV co-production projects, I am sure it would be beneficial and great for both countries. On top of that, Amanda’s passion and ability will undoubtedly be great additions. If perchance, I would also like to partake in these prospective projects. Indeed, there may be a case of misunderstanding or a discord, but I am relieved that Amanda will be there for both countries. With certainty, Amanda’s bright smile, devotion for both nations, and her talents will help these two countries in overcoming any possible obstacle and bringing success. I sincerely wish her a good luck and may God bless her’ Amanda Groom adds ‘The Korean drama launch in the UK marks a great opportunity for UK drama producers to widen the scope of their co production potential and budgets, adding to that already significant financial opportunities for UK producers and directors in creating co-productions with Korea in factual, factual entertainment, entertainment and animation programming genres’. Korean / UK co production television is gathering pace!