The north is alive but it aint Hollywood just yet!

by Jez Swimer Development Producer Leopardrama

Just got back from TV Drama Writers’ Festival in Leeds – great sessions on everything from why The Singing Detective changed telly forever to Who’s to Blame When a Show Fails – guess which was my favourite! Would definitely recommend it for writers and producers. There’s a very refreshing honesty about the highs and the lows of working in TV Drama that’s a testament to this year’s curator Pete Bowker.

The North is alive with creative festivals this summer, I also made it to the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield a fortnight ago. Leopard sponsored the Working With CBBC session and Trade Your Way presenter Saira Khan made no bones about getting the best deal out of the CBBC heads. The conference is fabulously informative though trying to chat with the Indie drama commissioner under umbrellas and torrential rain isn’t very Hollywood….