The Wrap | Hard Cell | Kristian Smith

To celebrate the release of the brand new comedy series Hard Cell on Netflix, we spoke with Executive Producer of the show, Kristian Smith, about everything from his favourite moments from Hard Cell to his hopes and ambitions for the show. Check out the interview below!

Tell us a bit about the show

We join a documentary team as they survey life in a British all-female prison. We meet a number of the inmates, along with prison staff, and hapless Governor Laura Willis, who believes creativity leads to rehabilitation. Many of the inmates participate in a musical theatre production which has various consequences.

Hard Cell is a fantastic new comedy for Netflix, written by Catherine Tate with Niky Wardley and Alex Carter. Catherine Tate plays various characters, including the psychotic Big Viv and camp prison guard, Marco.

What was your role in the making of the show and what did that involve?

I’m the Executive Producer. At the start of the project, this involved encouraging the development and putting that together with Catherine. Then we went over to see Netflix in LA where the show was commissioned. Thereon after, my job is to oversee all aspects of the show from hiring the producer, casting, crewing up, overseeing the budget, managing the shoot, post-production, and delivery.

What are your hopes and ambitions for the programme?

I hope audiences in the UK and around the world find our show funny.

What is your favourite moment from the show?

There are so many brilliant moments within each episode, but I especially love those with the character Ros. When we meet Ros’ mum, Anne-Marie, we get to see Catherine playing opposite herself. It’s magic.

What do you hope to have achieved from creating the programme?

Hopefully, we’ve created a modern, funny series that will be enjoyed around the world!

Hard Cell is produced by Leopard Pictures (part of the Argonon Group). Kristian Smith is the Chief Creative Officer of Leopard Pictures and Executive Producer of Hard Cell.

Hard Cell premieres on Netflix worldwide on the 12th of April. You can binge-watch all six episodes on Netflix by clicking here.