TTV Announces WTF?! for ITV2


London, Wednesday 12 October 2016: Transparent Television has announced WTF?! (What’s The Facts?!), ordered by ITV2 as part of their Fresh season, showcasing new comedy and entertainment singles from BAME talent, both on and off the screen.

Presented by Jason Lewis, WTF?! is a faux-factual and far-fetched mockumentary, offering the audience ‘facts’ so surreal they could even be true. Using a documentary-making approach to entertainment, this programme aims to prove ‘beyond doubt’ that not only is every one of the seven billion humans on this earth connected, but also every animal, object, building or event – always by six simple, often surreal, steps.

Weird and wonderful connections could range from Lady Diana’s wedding dress to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory via Aboriginal tribesmen, or how a Suffolk Line Dancing club is tied to Quantum Physics via the girl group Little Mix.

Through the lens of the six degrees of separation theory, this ‘mockumentary’ vividly illustrates the six steps to close these unpredictable connections – using photographs, archive footage, camera-phone video and perhaps the occasional artistic licence to help the move ‘facts’ along. WTF?! will also throw up some cast iron ‘facts’ so strange they couldn’t possibly be made up (or could they?). There is a fine line between fact and fiction, and they are never more than six steps apart.

“Applying the ‘rigorous’ WTF?! approach to matters of national and no importance whatsoever, this is a unique piece of entertaining television.” said Jazz Gowans, MD & Creative Director, Transparent Television. “We hope viewers begin to see the world in a whole new light – from the sublime to the ridiculous.”

WTF?! is a 1 x 30 single, produced by Transparent Television. The executive producers are Jazz Gowans and Mark Powell. The Commissioning Editor is Asif Zubairy.

WTF?! will air as part of ITV2’s Fresh season in the run up to the MOBO Awards 2016.

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